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Chicken Spiedie Tee

Chicken Spiedie Tee

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When you walk up to the counter in this bad boy, you won't need to say anything, and you're guaranteed to get the best sandwich they make that day. 

The original idea for the spiedie was brought by Italian immigrants to upstate New York in the early 1920s. The specific origin of the spiedie is disputed. Traditionally, the early Broome County Spiedie was made only from spring lamb, but currently most commercial restaurants prepare spiedies using chicken or pork.

Camillo Iacovelli created the spiedie in Endwell, New York, and was serving them in 1938 at his Parkview Restaurant on Oak Hill Ave in Endicott. His brother, Agostino "Augie" Iacovelli, popularized spiedies when he introduced them in his Endicott restaurant Augie's in 1939. Augie Iacovelli's son Guido continued in the spiedie business into the 1990s, owning as many as 26 restaurants at the peak of his career.

Peter Sharak is also alleged to have invented spiedies, and began serving them in 1947 at his Sharkey's Bar and Grill in Binghamton. Sharkey's promotes itself as the birthplace of the sandwich.

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