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Vortex Sticker

Vortex Sticker

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4" Vinyl Sticker - Heavy duty for outside use.

Thompson Park Interdimensional Vortex in Watertown, NY. The park’s supposed vortex is often nicknamed “Area 51 of New York.” It's got a playground, tennis courts, golf area, trails, and even a small zoo. Seems pretty typical and certainly not like it should be listed among the weirdest places in New York. But what many visitors may not be aware of is that this park is supposedly the home of an interdimensional vortex. It's believed that you can be walking through the park normally and suddenly be transferred to another area of the park. Some rumors claim people have disappeared and never returned. Witnesses claim that the location of the vortex moves throughout the park. There's no way to know where it is until you suddenly disappear. Others claim to lose time or grow dizzy while walking through the park. The area has been explored by paranormal investigators, who say that there are very high electromagnetic readings within the park. One thing that adds to the spooky factor is that the government code name for Nevada's Area 51 was Watertown... could there be a connection? You decide!

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